Camp Advisor

Old soviet advices for those who go hiking, made in the form of entertaining cards. In spite of their age (early 80s), they contain quite relevant information today.

“Dear user! If you are a beginner in hiking and you are going on a short journey, our small guide will help you to take your first steps. It will tell you how to equip a hike, so as not to carry extra things, how to move along the way, build camp, get a fire, and in a «life’s dark moments» assist the injured comrade. For all the digest cards, a hapless tourist will be your companion, who will not only amuse you with his incompetence, but also urge you not to make his mistakes.

Of course, our little helper will not be able to answer all newbie’s questions. So do not forget to look into other, more complete, publications on tourism. So, let it be your kind companion on a tourist path — your pocket advisor.

Have a nice trip!”

Authors: U. Alexandrov, E. Antropov.

Translation: V. Skorokhodov.