KPass is the best KeePass password manager for Android. It supports reading and modification of KDBX 3 and 4 files.

We have reached the time when a password can be the main value, more expensive than money, gold and brilliants. Let's say the password for a bank account gives you access to all the money at once, YouTube password — access to all subscribers eyes, and password for a cloud service is key to your private docs.

Top advice: generate good complex passwords and change them from time to time.

KPass offers secure storage for your passwords, addresses, bank card details, private notes and syncs them across all your devices — giving you faster access to your online accounts, apps and important information.

Opened database in KPass

User interface is build with Flutter. This is closed-source software and intellectual property of product owner. Engine is powered by open-source project gokeepasslib by Tobias Schoknecht.